PROFIT AND BEAUTY: A Show For Salon Professionals
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This show was created for Salon owners who have decided to start running their salon like a business rather than a hustle.

The focus of the show is to help salon owners understand the numbers behind their business so they can grow and make extraordinary profits.

My name is Desarie Anderson, a hair stylist turned accountant and financial guide. When salon owners have trouble understanding the finer details of their finances, they come to me. With 19 years of salon ownership experience coupled with my experience in the financial world, I know the ins and outs of both the beauty and the financial industries. Whether you want to minimize your tax bill or grow and scale your salon, I’ve got you covered.

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    What Business Owners Need To Know About Self-Employment Tax

    Who must pay self-employment tax - As business owners or independent contractors, by law, we are all required to fork over 15.3% of our gross income to cover our future social security and Medicare payments for when we retire.

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    How To Plan Start And Grow Your Salon Business

    On today's show, I decided to repurpose a webinar that I did a few months ago. The webinar discusses things you need to know if you are planning to start your own business. It also covers information for those of you that already own a salon but still need ideas on what to put in place so your business can grow.

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    The Next Generation of Beauty & Barbering

    Today’s topic is definitely a reflection of today’s mobile and sharing economy. Gone are the days where we told that there is only one path to success.

    With the creation of companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and several beauty business apps, beauty professionals now have options and can pick and choose how and when they want to work.

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    How To Maintain a Thriving Salon

    Are you struggling to maintain a thriving salon? This show will give you the financial tools to help turn your struggles around.

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    What Legal Business Entity Should I Choose For My Hair Salon?

    This show talks about the five possible legal structures salon owners can choose from when opening up a new salon, or if they are thinking about changing their current business structure: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, and C corporation. I also talk about why it is important to maintain a sperate bank account and not comingle personal funds with business funds.

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